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A Proper Introduction

This is my first Tumblr blog post.

I thought you were only supposed to reblog pics but my mini-manager Jo told me otherwise lol. I was gonna reblog ALL the cool shit and put up my pics and music but… I guess I’ll blog a little as well.

I am a 24 year old singer/songwriter born in Washington, DC but raised in the glorious lands of GA, LA and AL. I am an army brat with family all across the south and the east coast/Midwest so I traveled A LOT during my childhood and don’t plan on stopping.

(WORLD Domination domination domination domination)

I ended up in DC by the grace of God for allowing me to attend and graduate from the illustrious Howard University (H-U! *gets hype* YOU KNOW! )

(*calms down*) 

I sing to myself to calm myself down. I sing to expel nervous energy. I sing when I’m happy. I sing when I’m sad. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am, in fact, singing. As long as the Lord allows me to have this voice I will sing.  

(be it voluntary or involuntary lol)

Right now, I am preparing (physically and mentally) for my new (currently untitled) EP so that I may build a buzz around what I want to do career wise. I can’t work in a job that makes me miserable while other people are out here pursuing their dreams and never pursue mine. That’s unfair to me and only me. So this is me, Tomara K, stepping out on faith and focusing my mind on music so that I may achieve what is in my heart…and not worrying about what anyone else can or will say about me.

This is my life.

I’m going to live it.

Follow me and my dreams at

Twitter: @Tomara_K


Youtube: Thasirenkt

Soundcloud: Tomara_K